Patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation are rapidly increasing in number, the indications for mechanical ventilatory support in the home are increasing as technology and infrastructure support improve.

Home mechanical ventilation (HMV) is a treatment option that is becoming increasingly available and one that is being chosen by families with increasing frequency as an alternative to prolonged hospitalization and institutional care. Advances in medical technology and the ability of family members to be intimately involved in care have driven the concept of home mechanical ventilation.

Our Ventilation at Home program provides your loved ones an alternative to lifelong institutional care for all ages ranging from pediatric to elderly. Our expert team of physicians, skilled nurses, physiotherapists and respiratory therapists have significant ventilation clinical experience to be able to take care of your loved ones. You can rely on us so you can keep your loved ones at home.


  • Increased family and community integration
  • Increased social interactions that enhance your loved one’s quality of life
  • Reduced exposure to hospital-borne infections including MRSA/MDRO
  • For children, living with their parents and family greatly enhances their normal development and the quality of their relationships with family and friends