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Child Care

Child Care

Motherhood is a wonderful journey, but it is not without its share of challenges. Wahat Al Amans highly-trained nannies and caregivers ensure that parents get to truly enjoy the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, while still getting ample time for themselves, by helping them care for the children.

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  • Helping the family and household adjust to having a newborn, allowing them to enjoy the journey to the fullest
  • Reducing anxiety, stress, and exhaustion for the family, especially the mother
  • Educating the families on best practices for a safe home for the baby 
  • Improves the quality of life of the entire family

Scope of Services:

  • Total care for the newborn (feeding, bathing, nappy changing, baby settling, sleeping and helping families cope with a crying infant)
  • Baby health monitoring including growth charting, baby weighing and observation of fontanelle
  • Breastfeeding support and education for mothers
  • Post-delivery wound care
  • Sibling integration and comfort
  • Childcare services (playing, feeding, guiding and comforting children)
  • Managing and tidying the babys room
  • Education on the best safety and hygiene practices around the baby 
  • Changing diapers and potty-training, if age-appropriate 
  • Childrens laundry 
  • Planning meals, preparing food, and/or feeding the children 
  • Arranging playdates and outings 
  • Indoor and outdoor play 
  • Educational activities and crafts 
  • Reading to the children 
  • Supervise homework and assist if needed 
  • Organizing bedrooms/toys 
  • Administering medicine with parents consent, if necessary 
  • Maintaining logs for the parents
  • Perform housekeeping tasks related to childrens care 
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